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---December 2, 1992---
News and resources for environmental justice.
Environmental Research Foundation
P.O. Box 5036, Annapolis, MD 21403
Fax (410) 263-8944; Internet: erf@igc.apc.org
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Environmental Research Foundation will move its offices to Annapolis, Maryland on December 9, 1992. After December 9 our mailing address will be: Environmental Research Foundation P.O. Box 4878 Annapolis, MD 21403

Our new telephone number will be (410) 263-1584. Our fax number will be (410) 263-8944.

The new telephone number for the Rachel database will be (410) 263-8903. Furthermore, after December 9 the Rachel system will require callers to use no parity and 8 data bits (instead of even parity and 7 data bits). Please change your communications software accordingly when you dial Rachel after December 9. Finally, your old user identification (user id) and password will not work after December 9; instead, when you log on for the first time the system will ask you for your real name and will then ask you to select a password for yourself, just as you do on most bulletin board systems.

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